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Welcome to the Underswap Wiki!  Before you edit an article, it is best to read the rules first before you start as you may break one of the rules. If you are just going to check out the articles for more info, the articles have some reliable sources. If something is wrong, please note that the Wiki is a W.I.P.

Editing Rules

Editing an Article

Articles on this Wiki are important. Were else can we find more info?

  • Do not vandalize, people cant read articles and you will get blocked, the time depending on how many articles you have vandalized.
  • Do not write any swear words in articles! Adults arent the only ones reading this!
  • Do not put false info! Youll be literally feeding people bad info!
  • Do not write whatever you want! Use sources such as the Undertale Wiki. No need to credit since they said its okay.

Article Creation

NOTICE: We currently do not need anymore articles on characters until more info for minor characters are given. Thank you!

  • Do not create an article for an OC. This wiki focuses on canon.
  • Do not create a Non-Canon article. (Articles outside popcornpr1nces us)
  • Attempting to recreate a previously delete article will result in a block, unless it’s really needed.
  • Try to use an infobox and use only necessary categories.

Uploading Images

  • Don’t post any fucking fanart or user images.
    • We dont care if other Wikis require it to be categorized as user images, copy the link from imgur and paste it on your profile.

Social Interaction


  • Swearing (fuck, bitch, etc) is permitted, as long as you don’t use it for harassing others.
    • Words like f****t or n***a are banned. You will be permabanned for saying it.
  • Please be respectful of others! Just because someone doesn't agree with you does NOT mean you can be rude to them.
  • Your opinion is allowed, as long as it’s socially acceptable.


  • Spamming (sending long lines or randomly texts, posting excessive links, etc) is not allowed
  • If you want to roleplay, do it in PMs.
  • Rules above apply (Comments/Forum) may apply to Chat also.


Discord is a Chat application for specifically gaming.

  • Rules of Social Interaction apply to discord.
  • Do not mention @everyone for no reason. You WILL be kicked.