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This article is about the Underswap fan game by Team Switched

As the game is in development, this information may become inaccurate over time.

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hOi!!! Temmie wOrkin on dis ARTICLE yaYA!!!

Tem sorry for inconvenience!

Temmie is the first major character the protagonist encounters in Underswap. They are the main antagonist of the game and are the final boss of the Neutral Route.



They are similar to a a normal Temmie. It is unclear whether they will be a plush doll or a normal Temmie.


Whether they act like an idiot and drop the act, or they are exactly like Flowey is uncertain.

Main Story

They have the same role as Flowey in the Ruined Home start.

Neutral Route

The final boss of the route, Omega/Photoshop Temmie.

True Pacifist Route

final boss of the route, ultimate temmie

Genocide Route