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    Chara is the eighth fallen human and main protagonist of TS!Underswap. After venturing to Mt. Ebott for undisclosed reasons, they fall down into the underground and will have to brave several challenges to reach the surface again.
    == Contents ==
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      • 1.2 Personality
    • 2 Main Story
    • 3 Gallery
    • 4 Trivia
    • 5 References == Profile == === Appearance === They are a small, light-skinned human child with rosy cheeks, wearing a green shirt with one yellow stripe and brown pants and shoes. Their appearance may change depending on environmental circumstances (such as being soaked with water from falling in the sewer), as well as any equipped armor items,such as the Cowboy Hat. . During the Genocide Route, their eyes are covered by shadows, giving them a more intimidating look. When aborting the Genocide Route, they still have shadows over their eyes, but their eyes are visible. === Personality === TBA == Main Story == After hearing the stories of how those who ventured up to Mt. Ebott never returned, and wanting to escape humanity, Chara decided to abandon their life on the surface for a brand new adventure. == Gallery ==
      Chara in the main cast artwork. == Trivia ==
    • Chara is one of the few characters in TS!Underswap to keep their original classic Underswap design, which is shared with Undertale Chara's design.
    • Like in Undertale, Chara's favorite food is chocolate, preferring it more than any other food.
      • However, Chara dislikes white chocolate, considering it "A mockery. A farce." == References ==
  2. Though they’ll have sprite changes depending on the armor they’re wearing, as well as other very specific scenarios. - Official TS!Underswap Tumblr
  3. Will equipped items (like the cowboy hat or faded ribbon from UT) be shown on the character in the overworld? - Official TS!Underswap Tumblr
  4. Chara, what's your favorite food? - Official TS!Underswap Tumblr
  5. To chara: regarding chocolate. Do you prefer eating chocolate bars or food containing chocolate (cake, donuts, cookies, etc...)? - Official TS!Underswap Tumblr